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# Metrics service

The metrics service provides

  • an additional REST endpoint to retrieve openHAB core metrics from. This can be used as scrape target for pull-based monitoring systems like Prometheus (opens new window).
  • optionally configurable services to export openHAB core metrics to push-based monitoring systems like InfluxDB (opens new window).

# Precondition

The openHAB core metrics must be available (at least OH version 3.1).

# Provided metrics

Currently the following metrics are provided:

  • openHAB events counts (per topic)
  • openHAB bundle states
  • openHAB thing states
  • openHAB rule runs (per rule)
  • openHAB threadpool stats (per scheduler)
  • JVM stats including metrics of
    • class loader
    • memory
    • GarbageCollector
    • OS (system load, CPU)
    • thread metrics

# Configuration

The configuration for the metrics service is available in the openHAB UI under Settings | Other Services | Metrics service. Support for pull-based monitoring systems (e. g. Prometheus) is always enabled, since it doesn't imply any significant overhead when not used. Support for push-based monitoring systems (e. g. InfluxDB) have to be enabled separately.

The following configuration parameters can be set:

Config param Description Default value
influxMetricsEnabled Enable the Influx ( (opens new window)) metrics. Further configuration of the InfluxDB instance necessary. false

Refer to the corresponding monitoring system sections for monitoring system specific configuration parameters.

# Supported monitoring systems

For a start, the following formats are supported:

# Prometheus

Once the IO addon is installed, the Prometheus endpoint will be available under: <openhab_host>:8080/rest/metrics/prometheus

Refer to the Prometheus (opens new window) documentation on how to setup a Prometheus instance and add a scrape configuration. A typical scrape config could look like this (excerpt from /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml):

  - job_name: 'openhab'
    scrape_interval: 1m
    scheme: http
    metrics_path: /rest/metrics/prometheus
    - targets:
      - 'openhab.local:8080'

Replace openhab.local by the openhab host.

# Available configuration parameters

There are no Prometheus specific configuration paramters.

# InfluxDB

The InfluxDB exporter service will start as soon as the influxMetricsEnabled configuration parameter is set to true.

# Available configuration parameters

Config param Description Default value
influxURL The URL of the InfluxDB instance. Defaults to http://localhost:8086 (opens new window) http://localhost:8086 (opens new window)
influxDB The name of the database to use. Defaults to "openhab". openhab
influxUsername InfluxDB user name n/a
influxPassword The InfluxDB password (no default). n/a
influxUpdateIntervalInSeconds Controls how often metrics are exported to InfluxDB (in seconds). Defaults to 300 300

# Additional metric formats

The metrics service was implemented using Micrometer (opens new window), which supports a number of monitoring systems (opens new window) It should be possible to add any of these, especially the ones using a pull mechanism ("scraping") like Prometheus does.

# Grafana

You can now visualize the results in Grafana. Micrometer provides a public Grafana dashboard here (opens new window). I adapted it a little bit to include the openHAB metrics. You can download it here Dashboard. This has been tested with Prometheus - for other monitoring systems adaptions to the dashboard might be necessary.

Here are some screenshots:

Grafana (1) Grafana (2) Grafana (3)