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# Air Quality Binding

This binding uses the service (opens new window) for providing air quality information for any location worldwide.

The World Air Quality Index project is a social enterprise project started in 2007. Its mission is to promote Air Pollution awareness and provide a unified Air Quality information for the whole world.

The project is proving a transparent Air Quality information for more than 70 countries, covering more than 9000 stations in 600 major cities, via those two websites: (opens new window) and (opens new window).

To use this binding, you first need to register and get your API token (opens new window).

# Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing type, which represents the air quality information for an observation location. It has the aqi id. Of course, you can add multiple Things, e.g. for measuring AQI for different locations.

# Discovery

Local Air Quality can be autodiscovered based on system location. You will have complete default configuration with your apiKey.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
apikey Data-platform token to access the (opens new window) service. Mandatory.
location Geo coordinates to be considered by the service.
stationId Unique ID of the measuring station.
refresh Refresh interval in minutes. Optional, the default value is 60 minutes.

For the location parameter, the following syntax is allowed (comma separated latitude and longitude):


If you always want to receive data from specific station and you know its unique ID, you can enter it instead of the coordinates.

This stationId can be found by using the following link: (opens new window), replacing TOKEN by your apikey and NAME by the station you are looking for.

# Channels

The AirQuality information that is retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
aqiLevel Number Air Quality Index
aqiColor Color Color associated to given AQI Index.
aqiDescription String AQI Description
locationName String Nearest measuring station location
stationId Number Measuring station ID
stationLocation Location Latitude/longitude of measuring station
pm25 Number Fine particles pollution level (PM2.5)
pm10 Number Coarse dust particles pollution level (PM10)
o3 Number Ozone level (O3)
no2 Number Nitrogen Dioxide level (NO2)
co Number Carbon monoxide level (CO)
so2 Number Sulfur dioxide level (SO2)
observationTime DateTime Observation date and time
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature in Celsius degrees
pressure Number:Pressure Pressure level
humidity Number:Dimensionless Humidity level
dominentpol String Dominent Polutor

AQI Description item provides a human-readable output that can be interpreted e.g. by MAP transformation.

Note that channels like pm25, pm10, o3, no2, co, so2 can sometimes return UNDEF value due to the fact that some stations don't provide measurements for them.

# Full Example

UNDEF=No data
NULL=No data
NO_DATA=No data
UNHEALTHY_FOR_SENSITIVE=Unhealthy for sensitive groups
VERY_UNHEALTHY=Very unhealthy


airquality:aqi:home "AirQuality" @ "Krakow" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX", location="50.06465,19.94498", refresh=60 ]
airquality:aqi:warsaw "AirQuality in Warsaw" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX", location="52.22,21.01", refresh=60 ]
airquality:aqi:brisbane "AirQuality in Brisbane" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX", stationId=5115 ]


Group AirQuality <flow>

Number   Aqi_Level           "Air Quality Index" <flow> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:aqiLevel" }
String   Aqi_Description     "AQI Level [MAP(]" <flow> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:aqiDescription" }

Number   Aqi_Pm25            "PM\u2082\u2085 Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:pm25" }
Number   Aqi_Pm10            "PM\u2081\u2080 Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:pm10" }
Number   Aqi_O3              "O\u2083 Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:o3" }
Number   Aqi_No2             "NO\u2082 Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:no2" }
Number   Aqi_Co              "CO Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:co" }
Number   Aqi_So2             "SO\u2082 Level" <line> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:so2" }

String   Aqi_LocationName    "Measuring Location" <settings> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:locationName" }
Location Aqi_StationGeo      "Station Location" <office> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:stationLocation" }
Number   Aqi_StationId       "Station ID" <pie> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:stationId" }
DateTime Aqi_ObservationTime "Time of observation [%1$tH:%1$tM]" <clock> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:observationTime" }

Number:Temperature  Aqi_Temperature     "Temperature" <temperature> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:temperature" }
Number:Pressure     Aqi_Pressure        "Pressure" <pressure> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:pressure" }
Number:Dimensionless Aqi_Humidity        "Humidity" <humidity> (AirQuality) { channel="airquality:aqi:home:humidity" }


sitemap airquality label="Air Quality" {
    Frame {
        Text item=Aqi_Level valuecolor=[
        Text item=Aqi_Description valuecolor=[

    Frame {
        Text item=Aqi_Pm25
        Text item=Aqi_Pm10
        Text item=Aqi_O3
        Text item=Aqi_No2
        Text item=Aqi_Co
        Text item=Aqi_So2

    Frame {
        Text item=Aqi_LocationName
        Text item=Aqi_ObservationTime
        Text item=Aqi_Temperature
        Text item=Aqi_Pressure
        Text item=Aqi_Humidity

    Frame label="Station Location" {
        Mapview item=Aqi_StationGeo height=10


rule "Change lamp color to reflect Air Quality"
    Item Aqi_Description changed
    var String hsb

    switch Aqi_Description.state {
        case "HAZARDOUS":
            hsb = "343,100,49"
        case "VERY_UNHEALTHY":
            hsb = "280,100,60"
        case "UNHEALTHY":
            hsb = "345,100,80"
            hsb = "30,80,100"
        case "MODERATE":
            hsb = "50,80,100"
        case "GOOD":
            hsb = "160,100,60"