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# Miele@home Binding

This binding integrates Miele@home appliances. Miele@home allows controlling Miele appliances that are equipped with special communication modules. There are devices that communicate through ZigBee and others that use WiFi.

See (opens new window) for the list of available appliances.

# Supported Things

This binding requires the XGW3000 gateway from Miele as all integration with openHAB is done through this gateway. While users with ZigBee-enabled Miele appliances usually own such a gateway, this is often not the case for people that have only WiFi-enabled appliances.

The types of appliances that are supported by this binding are:

  • Coffeemachine
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge
  • Fridge/Freezer combination
  • Hob
  • Hood
  • Oven
  • Microwave/Oven combination
  • Tumbledryer
  • Washingmachine

# Discovery

The binding is able to auto-discover the Miele XGW3000 gateway. When an XGW3000 gateway is discovered, all appliances can be subsequently discovered.

# Thing Configuration

Each appliances needs the device UID as a configuration parameter. The UID is nowhere to be found on the appliances, but since the discovery works quite reliably, a manual configuration is not needed.

Once you got hold of the IDs, a manual configuration looks like this:

Bridge miele:xgw3000:dilbeek [ipAddress="", interface=""] {
Thing fridgefreezer freezer [uid="00124b000424be44#2"]
Thing hood hood [uid="001d63fffe020685#210"]
Thing fridge fridge [uid="00124b000424bdc0#2"]
Thing oven oven [uid="001d63fffe020390#210"]
Thing oven microwave [uid="001d63fffe0206eb#210"]
Thing hob hob [uid="00124b000424bed7#2"]
Thing dishwasher dishwasher [uid="001d63fffe020683#210"]
Thing tumbledryer dryer [uid="001d63fffe0200ba#210"]
Thing washingmachine washingmachine [uid="001d63fffe020505#210"]
Thing coffeemachine coffeemachine [uid="001d63fffe020505#190"]

# Channels

The definition of the channels in use can best be checked in the source repository (opens new window).

# Example


String MieleFridgeState  (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:state"}
Switch MieleFridgeSuperCool (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:supercool"}
Number MieleFridgeCurrent (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:current"}
Number MieleFridgeTarget (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:target"}
Contact MieleFridgeDoor (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:door"}
Switch MieleFridgeStart (gMiele,gMieleFridge) {channel="miele:fridge:dilbeek:fridge:start"}