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# Silvercrest Wifi Plug Binding

This binding integrates the Silvercrest Wifi Socket SWS-A1 sold by Lidl and the EasyHome Wifi Socket DIS-124 sold by Aldi.

# Supported Things

# Discovery

The Discovery of Wifi Sockets is always running in the background. If a command is sent to wifi socket using the Android/iOS app or if the physical button in the device is pressed, the device will be recognized and will be placed in the Inbox.

# Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any special configuration. The Wifi Socket should be connected to the same wifi network.

# Thing Configuration

To configure a Wifi Socket manually the mac address and the vendor is required. You can check the Wifi Socket mac address in your router or using some mobile app. Supported vendors are either Silvercrest (Lidl) or EasyHome (Aldi).

Wifi Socket thing parameters:

Parameter ID Parameter Type Mandatory Description Default
macAddress text true The socket MAC address
hostAddress text false The socket Host address. The binding is capable to discover the host address.
updateInterval integer false Update time interval in seconds to request the status of the socket. 60
vendor text true The vendor of the system ("ALDI_EASYHOME" or "LIDL_SILVERCREST") LIDL_SILVERCREST


Thing silvercrestwifisocket:wifiSocket:lamp [ macAddress="ACCF23343C50", vendor="ALDI_EASYHOME" ]

# Channels

The Silvercrest Wifi Socket support the following channel:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
switch Switch Wifi Socket Switch.