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# LuxtronikHeatpump Binding

This binding gives the possibility to integrate any Heatpump that is based on the Luxtronik 2 contol unit of Alpha Innotec. This includes heatpumps of:

  • Alpha InnoTec
  • Buderus (Logamatic HMC20, HMC20 Z)
  • CTA All-In-One (Aeroplus)
  • Elco
  • Nibe (AP-AW10)
  • Roth (ThermoAura®, ThermoTerra)
  • (Siemens) Novelan (WPR NET)
  • Wolf Heiztechnik (BWL/BWS)

This binding was tested with:

  • Siemens Novelan LD 7

If you have another heatpump the binding works with, let us know, so we can extend the list

Note: The whole functionality is based on data that was reverse engineered, so use it at your own risk.

# Supported Things

This binding only supports one thing type "Luxtronik Heatpump" (heatpump).

# Thing Configuration

Each heatpump requires the following configuration parameters:

parameter required default description
ipAddress yes IP address of the heatpump
port no 8889 Port number to connect to. This should be 8889 for most heatpumps. For heatpumps using a firmware version before V1.73 port 8888 needs to be used.
refresh no 300 Interval (in seconds) to refresh the channel values.
showAllChannels no false Show all channels (even those determined as not supported)

# Channels

As the Luxtronik 2 control is able to handle multiple heat pumps with different features (like heating, hot water, cooling, solar, photovoltaics, swimming pool,...), the binding has a lot channels. Depending on the heatpump it is used with, various channels might not hold any (useful) values. If showAllChannels is not activated for the thing, this binding will automatically try to hide channels that are not available for your heat pump. As this is done using reverse engineered parameters it might not be correct in all cases. If you miss a channel that should be available for your heat pump, you can enable showAllChannels for your thing, so all channels become available. Feel free to report such a case on the forum, so we can try to improve / fix that behavior.

The following channels are holding read only values:

channel type advanced description
temperatureHeatingCircuitFlow Number:Temperature Flow temperature heating circuit
temperatureHeatingCircuitReturn Number:Temperature Return temperature heating circuit
temperatureHeatingCircuitReturnTarget Number:Temperature Return setpoint heating circuit
temperatureBufferTankReturn Number:Temperature x Return temperature in buffer tank
temperatureHotGas Number:Temperature x Hot gas temperature
temperatureOutside Number:Temperature Outside temperature
temperatureOutsideMean Number:Temperature Average temperature outside over 24 h (heating limit function)
temperatureHotWater Number:Temperature Hot water actual temperature
temperatureHeatSourceInlet Number:Temperature x Heat source inlet temperature
temperatureHeatSourceOutlet Number:Temperature x Heat source outlet temperature
temperatureMixingCircuit1Flow Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 1 Flow temperature
temperatureMixingCircuit1FlowTarget Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 1 Flow target temperature
temperatureRoomStation Number:Temperature x Room temperature room station 1
temperatureMixingCircuit2Flow Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 2 Flow temperature
temperatureMixingCircuit2FlowTarget Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 2 Flow target temperature
temperatureSolarCollector Number:Temperature x Solar collector sensor
temperatureSolarTank Number:Temperature x Solar tank sensor
temperatureExternalEnergySource Number:Temperature x Sensor external energy source
inputASD Switch x Input "Defrost end, brine pressure, flow rate"
inputHotWaterThermostat Switch x Input "Domestic hot water thermostat"
inputUtilityLock Switch x Input "EVU lock"
inputHighPressureCoolingCircuit Switch x Input "High pressure cooling circuit
inputMotorProtectionOK Switch x Input "Motor protection OK"
inputLowPressure Switch x Input "Low pressure"
inputPEX Switch x Input "Monitoring contact for potentiostat"
inputSwimmingPoolThermostat Switch x Input "Swimming pool thermostat"
outputDefrostValve Switch x Output "Defrost valve"
outputBUP Switch x Output "Domestic hot water pump/changeover valve"
outputHeatingCirculationPump Switch x Output "Heating circulation pump"
outputMixingCircuit1Open Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 1 Open"
outputMixingCircuit1Closed Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 1 Closed"
outputVentilation Switch x Output "Ventilation"
outputVBO Switch x Output "Brine pump/fan"
outputCompressor1 Switch x Output "Compressor 1"
outputCompressor2 Switch x Output "Compressor 2"
outputCirculationPump Switch x Output "Circulation pump"
outputZUP Switch x Output "Auxiliary circulation pump"
outputControlSignalAdditionalHeating Switch x Output "Control signal additional heating"
outputFaultSignalAdditionalHeating Switch x Output "Control signal additional heating/fault signal"
outputAuxiliaryHeater3 Switch x Output "Auxiliary heater 3"
outputMixingCircuitPump2 Switch x Output "Pump mixing circuit 2"
outputSolarChargePump Switch x Output "Solar charge pump"
outputSwimmingPoolPump Switch x Output "Swimming pool pump"
outputMixingCircuit2Closed Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 2 Closed"
outputMixingCircuit2Open Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 2 Open"
runtimeTotalCompressor1 Number:Time Operation hours compressor 1
pulsesCompressor1 Number:Dimensionless Pulses compressor 1
runtimeTotalCompressor2 Number:Time x Operation hours compressor 2
pulsesCompressor2 Number:Dimensionless x Pulses compressor 2
runtimeTotalSecondHeatGenerator1 Number:Time x Operation hours Second heat generator 1
runtimeTotalSecondHeatGenerator2 Number:Time x Operation hours Second heat generator 2
runtimeTotalSecondHeatGenerator3 Number:Time x Operation hours Second heat generator 3
runtimeTotalHeatPump Number:Time Operation hours heat pump
runtimeTotalHeating Number:Time Operation hours heating
runtimeTotalHotWater Number:Time Operation hours hot water
runtimeTotalCooling Number:Time Operation hours cooling
runtimeCurrentHeatPump Number:Time x Heat pump running since
runtimeCurrentSecondHeatGenerator1 Number:Time x Second heat generator 1 running since
runtimeCurrentSecondHeatGenerator2 Number:Time x Second heat generator 2 running since
mainsOnDelay Number:Time x Mains on delay
switchingCycleLockOff Number:Time x Switching cycle lock off
switchingCycleLockOn Number:Time x Switching cycle lock on
compressorIdleTime Number:Time x Compressor Idle time
heatingControllerMoreTime Number:Time x Heating controller More time
heatingControllerLessTime Number:Time x Heating controller Less time
runtimeCurrentThermalDisinfection Number:Time x Thermal disinfection running since
timeHotWaterLock Number:Time x Hot water lock
bivalenceStage Number x Bivalence stage
operatingStatus Number Operating status
errorTime0 DateTime Timestamp error 0 in memory
errorTime1 DateTime x Timestamp error 1 in memory
errorTime2 DateTime x Timestamp error 2 in memory
errorTime3 DateTime x Timestamp error 3 in memory
errorTime4 DateTime x Timestamp error 4 in memory
errorCode0 Number Error code Error 0 in memory
errorCode1 Number x Error code Error 1 in memory
errorCode2 Number x Error code Error 2 in memory
errorCode3 Number x Error code Error 3 in memory
errorCode4 Number x Error code Error 4 in memory
errorCountInMemory Number x Number of errors in memory
shutdownReason0 Number Reason shutdown 0 in memory
shutdownReason1 Number x Reason shutdown 1 in memory
shutdownReason2 Number x Reason shutdown 2 in memory
shutdownReason3 Number x Reason shutdown 3 in memory
shutdownReason4 Number x Reason shutdown 4 in memory
shutdownTime0 DateTime Timestamp shutdown 0 in memory
shutdownTime1 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 1 in memory
shutdownTime2 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 2 in memory
shutdownTime3 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 3 in memory
shutdownTime4 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 4 in memory
comfortBoardInstalled Switch x Comfort board installed
menuStateFull String Status (complete)
menuStateLine1 Number Status line 1
menuStateLine2 Number x Status line 2
menuStateLine3 Number x Status line 3
menuStateTime Number:Time x Status Time
bakeoutProgramStage Number x Stage bakeout program
bakeoutProgramTemperature Number:Temperature x Temperature bakeout program
bakeoutProgramTime Number:Time x Runtime bakeout program
iconHotWater Switch x DHW active/inactive icon
iconHeater Number x Heater icon
iconMixingCircuit1 Number x Mixing circuit 1 icon
iconMixingCircuit2 Number x Mixing circuit 2 icon
shortProgramSetting Number x Short program setting
statusSlave1 Number x Status Slave 1
statusSlave2 Number x Status Slave 2
statusSlave3 Number x Status Slave 3
statusSlave4 Number x Status Slave 4
statusSlave5 Number x Status Slave 5
currentTimestamp DateTime x Current time of the heat pump
iconMixingCircuit3 Number x Mixing circuit 3 icon
temperatureMixingCircuit3FlowTarget Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 3 Flow set temperature
temperatureMixingCircuit3Flow Number:Temperature x Mixing circuit 3 Flow temperature
outputMixingCircuit3Close Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 3 Closed"
outputMixingCircuit3Open Switch x Output "Mixing circuit 3 Up"
outputMixingCircuitPump3 Switch x Pump mixing circuit 3
timeUntilDefrost Number:Time x Time until defrost
temperatureRoomStation2 Number:Temperature x Room temperature room station 2
temperatureRoomStation3 Number:Temperature x Room temperature room station 3
iconTimeSwitchSwimmingPool Number x Time switch swimming pool icon
runtimeTotalSwimmingPool Number:Time x Operation hours swimming pool
coolingRelease Switch x Release cooling
inputAnalog Number:ElectricPotential x Analog input signal
iconCirculationPump Number x Circulation pumps icon
heatMeterHeating Number:Energy Heat meter heating
heatMeterHotWater Number:Energy Heat meter domestic water
heatMeterSwimmingPool Number:Energy Heat meter swimming pool
heatMeterTotalSinceReset Number:Energy Total heat meter
heatMeterFlowRate Number:VolumetricFlowRate Heat meter flow rate
outputAnalog1 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog output 1
outputAnalog2 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog output 2
timeLockSecondHotGasCompressor Number:Time x Lock second compressor hot gas
temperatureSupplyAir Number:Temperature x Supply air temperature
temperatureExhaustAir Number:Temperature x Exhaust air temperature
runtimeTotalSolar Number:Time x Operating hours solar
outputAnalog3 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog output 3
outputAnalog4 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog output 4
outputSupplyAirFan Number:ElectricPotential x Supply air fan (defrost function)
outputExhaustFan Number:ElectricPotential x Exhaust fan
outputVSK Switch x Output VSK
outputFRH Switch x Output FRH
inputAnalog2 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog input 2
inputAnalog3 Number:ElectricPotential x Analog input 3
inputSAX Switch x Input SAX
inputSPL Switch x Input SPL
ventilationBoardInstalled Switch x Ventilation board installed
flowRateHeatSource Number:VolumetricFlowRate x Flow rate heat source
linBusInstalled Switch x LIN BUS installed
temperatureSuctionEvaporator Number:Temperature x Temperature suction evaporator
temperatureSuctionCompressor Number:Temperature x Temperature suction compressor
temperatureCompressorHeating Number:Temperature x Temperature compressor heating
temperatureOverheating Number:Temperature x Overheating
temperatureOverheatingTarget Number:Temperature x Overheating target
highPressure Number:Pressure x High pressure
lowPressure Number:Pressure x Low pressure
outputCompressorHeating Switch x Output compressor heating
controlSignalCirculatingPump Number:Energy x Control signal circulating pump
fanSpeed Number x Fan speed
temperatureSafetyLimitFloorHeating Switch x Safety temperature limiter floor heating
powerTargetValue Number:Energy x Power target value
powerActualValue Number:Energy x Power actual value
temperatureFlowTarget Number:Temperature x Temperature flow set point
operatingStatusSECBoard Number x SEC Board operating status
fourWayValve Number x Four-way valve
compressorSpeed Number x Compressor speed
temperatureCompressorEVI Number:Temperature x Compressor temperature EVI (Enhanced Vapour Injection)
temperatureIntakeEVI Number:Temperature x Intake temperature EVI
temperatureOverheatingEVI Number:Temperature x Overheating EVI
temperatureOverheatingTargetEVI Number:Temperature x Overheating EVI target
temperatureCondensation Number:Temperature x Condensation temperature
temperatureLiquidEEV Number:Temperature x Liquid temperature EEV (electronic expansion valve)
temperatureHypothermiaEEV Number:Temperature x Hypothermia EEV
pressureEVI Number:Pressure x Pressure EVI
voltageInverter Number:ElectricPotential x Voltage inverter
temperatureHotGas2 Number:Temperature x Hot gas temperature sensor 2
temperatureHeatSourceInlet2 Number:Temperature x Temperature sensor heat source inlet 2
temperatureIntakeEvaporator2 Number:Temperature x Intake temperature evaporator 2
temperatureIntakeCompressor2 Number:Temperature x Intake temperature compressor 2
temperatureCompressor2Heating Number:Temperature x Temperature compressor 2 heating
temperatureOverheating2 Number:Temperature x Overheating 2
temperatureOverheatingTarget2 Number:Temperature x Overheating target 2
highPressure2 Number:Pressure x High pressure 2
lowPressure2 Number:Pressure x Low pressure 2
inputSwitchHighPressure2 Switch x Input pressure switch high pressure 2
outputDefrostValve2 Switch x Output defrost valve 2
outputVBO2 Switch x Output brine pump/fan 2
outputCompressor1_2 Switch x Compressor output 1 / 2
outputCompressorHeating2 Switch x Compressor output heating 2
secondShutdownReason0 Number x Reason shutdown 0 in memory
secondShutdownReason1 Number x Reason shutdown 1 in memory
secondShutdownReason2 Number x Reason shutdown 2 in memory
secondShutdownReason3 Number x Reason shutdown 3 in memory
secondShutdownReason4 Number x Reason shutdown 4 in memory
secondShutdownTime0 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 0 in memory
secondShutdownTime1 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 1 in memory
secondShutdownTime2 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 2 in memory
secondShutdownTime3 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 3 in memory
secondShutdownTime4 DateTime x Timestamp shutdown 4 in memory
temperatureRoom Number:Temperature x Room temperature actual value
temperatureRoomTarget Number:Temperature x Room temperature set point
temperatureHotWaterTop Number:Temperature x Temperature domestic water top
frequencyCompressor Number:Frequency x Compressor frequency

The following channels are also writable:

channel type advanced description
temperatureHeatingParallelShift Number:Temperature Heating temperature (parallel shift)
temperatureHotWaterTarget Number:Temperature Hot water target temperature
heatingMode Number Heating mode
hotWaterMode Number Hot water operating mode
thermalDisinfectionMonday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Monday)
thermalDisinfectionTuesday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Tuesday)
thermalDisinfectionWednesday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Wednesday)
thermalDisinfectionThursday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Thursday)
thermalDisinfectionFriday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Friday)
thermalDisinfectionSaturday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Saturday)
thermalDisinfectionSunday Switch x Thermal disinfection (Sunday)
thermalDisinfectionPermanent Switch x Thermal disinfection (Permanent)
comfortCoolingMode Number Comfort cooling mode
temperatureComfortCoolingATRelease Number:Temperature Comfort cooling AT release
temperatureComfortCoolingATReleaseTarget Number:Temperature Comfort cooling AT release target
comfortCoolingATExcess Number:Time AT Excess
comfortCoolingATUndercut Number:Time AT undercut

# Example

Below you can find some example textual configuration for a heatpump with some basic functionallity. This can be extended/adjusted according to your needs and depending on the availability of channels (see list above).


Thing luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump "Heatpump" [


Group    gHeatpump   "Heatpump"   <temperature>

Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Outside   "Temperature outside [%.1f °C]"   <temperature> (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:temperatureOutside" }
Number:Temperature HeatPump_Temp_Outside_Avg     "Avg. temperature outside [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:temperatureOutsideMean" }

Number:Time HeatPump_Hours_Heatpump  "Operating hours [%d h]"  <clock> (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:runtimeTotalHeatPump" }
Number:Time HeatPump_Hours_Heating   "Operating hours heating [%d h]"  <clock> (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:runtimeTotalHeating" }
Number:Time HeatPump_Hours_Warmwater "Operating hours hot water [%d h]" <clock> (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:runtimeTotalHotWater" }

String HeatPump_State_Ext   "State [%s]"   (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:menuStateFull" }

Number HeatPump_heating_operation_mode   "Heating operation mode [%s]"  (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:heatingMode" }
Number HeatPump_heating_temperature   "Heating temperature [%.1f]"  (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:temperatureHeatingParallelShift" }
Number HeatPump_warmwater_operation_mode   "Hot water operation mode [%s]"  (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:hotWaterMode" }
Number HeatPump_warmwater_temperature   "Hot water temperature [%.1f]"  (gHeatpump) { channel="luxtronikheatpump:heatpump:heatpump:temperatureHotWaterTarget" }


sitemap heatpump label="Heatpump" {
    Frame label="Heatpump" {
        Text item=HeatPump_State_Ext
        Text item=HeatPump_Temperature_1
        Text item=HeatPump_Outside_Avg
        Text item=HeatPump_Hours_Heatpump
        Text item=HeatPump_Hours_Heating
        Text item=HeatPump_Hours_Warmwater
        Switch item=HeatPump_heating_operation_mode  mappings=[0="Auto", 1="Auxiliary heater", 2="Party", 3="Holiday", 4="Off"]
        Setpoint item=HeatPump_heating_temperature minValue=-10 maxValue=10 step=0.5
        Switch item=HeatPump_warmwater_operation_mode  mappings=[0="Auto", 1="Auxiliary heater", 2="Party", 3="Holiday", 4="Off"]
        Setpoint item=HeatPump_warmwater_temperature minValue=10 maxValue=65 step=1

# Development Notes

This binding was initially based on the Novelan/Luxtronik Heat Pump Binding (opens new window) for openHAB 1.

Luxtronik control units have an internal webserver which serves a Java applet. This applet can be used to configure some parts of the heat pump. The applet itselves uses a socket connection to fetch and send data to the heatpump. This socket is also used by this binding. To get some more information on how this socket works you can check out other Luxtronik tools like Luxtronik2 for NodeJS (opens new window).

A detailed parameter descriptions for the Java Webinterface can be found in the Loxwiki (opens new window)