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# Haas Sohn Pellet Stove Binding

The binding for Haassohnpelletstove communicates with a Haas and Sohn Pelletstove through the optional WIFI module. More information about the WIFI module can be found here: (opens new window)

# Supported Things

Things Description Thing Type
haassohnpelletstove Control of a Haas & Sohn Pellet Stove oven

# Thing Configuration

In general two parameters are required. The IP-Address of the WIFI-Modul of the Stove in the local Network and the Access PIN of the Stove. The PIN can be found directly at the stove under the Menue/Network/WLAN-PIN

Thing haassohnpelletstove:oven:myOven "Pelletstove"  [ hostIP="", hostPIN="1234"]

# Channels

The following channels are yet supported:

Channel Type Access Description
power Switch read/write Turn the stove on/off
channelIsTemp Number:Temperature read Receives the actual temperature of the stove
channelSpTemp Number:Temperature read/write Receives and sets the target temperature of the stove
channelMode String read Receives the actual mode the stove is in like heating, cooling, error, ....
channelEcoMode Switch read/write Turn the eco mode of the stove on/off
channelIngitions Number read Amount of ignitions of the stove
channelMaintenanceIn Number:Mass read States the next maintenance in kg
channelCleaningIn String read States the next cleaning window in hours:minutes as string
channelConsumption Number:Mass read Total consumption of the stove
channelOnTime Number read Operation hours of the stove

# Full Example


Number:Temperature isTemp { channel="oven:channelIsTemp" }
Number:Temperature spTemp { channel="oven:channelSpTemp" }
String mode { channel="oven:channelMode" }
Switch power { channel="oven:power" }

# Google Assistant configuration

See also: (opens new window)


Group g_FeuerThermostat "FeuerThermostat" {ga="Thermostat" }
Number StatusFeuer "Status Feuer" (g_FeuerThermostat) { ga="thermostatMode" }
Number ZieltemperaturFeuer "ZieltemperaturFeuer" (g_FeuerThermostat) {ga="thermostatTemperatureSetpoint"}
Number TemperaturFeuer "TemperaturFeuer" (g_FeuerThermostat) {ga="thermostatTemperatureAmbient"}

# Tested Hardware

The binding was successfully tested with the following ovens:

  • HSP6 434.08