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# Omnik Inverter Binding

This binding reads metrics from Omnik Solar Inverters.

# Supported Things

All Omniksols are expected to function, provided they have the Wifi module. At moment of writing the Omniksol-3.0k-TL2 has been tested.

# Discovery

No autodiscovery available

# Thing Configuration

Config Description type Default
hostname The hostname or ip through which the inverter can be accessed string n/a
port TCP port through which the inverter listens on for incoming connections integer 8899
serial The serial of the wifi module. The Wifi module's SSID contains the number. This is the numerical part only, i.e. without AP_ integer n/a

# Channels

Channel Type Id Item Type Description
power Number:Power The instantaneous power generation
energyToday Number:Energy The amount of energy generated today
energyTotal Number:Energy The total amount of energy generated

# Full Example

# demo.things

Thing omnikinverter:omnik:70ecb4f0 "Solar Inverter" [ hostname="igen-wifi.lan",serial=604455290]

# demo.items

Number OmnikInverterBindingThing_InstantaneousPower "Solar Power" {channel="omnikinverter:omnik:70ecb4f0:power"}
Number OmnikInverterBindingThing_TotalGeneratedEnergyToday "Solar Energy Today"  {channel="omnikinverter:omnik:70ecb4f0:energyToday"}
Number OmnikInverterBindingThing_TotalGeneratedEnergy "Solar Energy Total"  {channel="omnikinverter:omnik:70ecb4f0:energyTotal"}

# Sitemap

Text item=OmnikInverterBindingThing_InstantaneousPower
Text item=OmnikInverterBindingThing_TotalGeneratedEnergyToday label="Today"
Text item=OmnikInverterBindingThing_TotalGeneratedEnergy label="Total"

# References

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