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# Venstar Thermostat Binding

The Venstar Thermostat binding supports an interface to WiFi enabled ColorTouch and Explorer thermostats manufactured by Venstar (opens new window).

Venstar WiFi enabled thermostats provide a local API that this binding uses to communicate with the thermostat. This binding does not require "cloud" access and may be used independently of Venstar's Skyport cloud services.

The Local API is not enabled by default, so you will need to set up your thermostat by configuring its WiFi connection and enabling the Local API. In order for the binding to connect, you will need to enable HTTPS support and set a username and password. While it is possible to enable the Local API without HTTPS and authentication, the binding doesn't support it, in an effort to provide as secure an installation as possible.

When you've set the username and password, make a note of these, as you'll need to enter them in the thermostat configuration in openHAB.

# Supported Things

Thing Type Description
colorTouchThermostat A Venstar ColorTouch (opens new window) thermostat

# Discovery

Once the binding is installed it will attempt to auto discovery Venstar thermostats located on the local network. These will appear as Things in the system Inbox. After adding the Inbox item, enter the user name and password from the physical thermostat in the Thing's configuration.

# Thing Configuration

# ColorTouch Thermostat

Parameter Description Required
username The username set on the thermostats configuration screen (typically 'admin') yes
password The password set set on the thermostats configuration screen yes
url URL of the thermostat in the format 'proto://host' yes
refresh The frequency in which the binding will pool for update information no

# Channels

Channel Type Description Notes
awayMode String Home or Away Mode
awayModeRaw Number Away Mode Raw (Read Only) 0 (Home) 1 (Away)
systemMode String System Mode
systemModeRaw Number System Mode Raw (Read Only) 0 (Off) 1 (Heat) 2 (Cool) 3 (Auto)
systemState String System State (Read Only)
systemStateRaw Number System State Raw (Read Only) 0 (Idle) 1 (Heating) 2 (Cooling) 3 (Lockout) 4 (Error)
heatingSetpoint Number:Temperature Heating Set Point
coolingSetpoint Number:Temperature Cooling Set Point
temperature Number:Temperature Current Temperature
outdoorTemperature Number:Temperature Outdoor Temperature
humidity Number Humidity

# Example

# thermostat.things

Thing venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455 "Venstar Thermostat (Guest)" [ username="admin", password="secret", url="", refresh=30 ]

# thermostat.items

Number:Temperature Guest_HVAC_Temperature   "Temperature [%d °F]"   {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:temperature"}
Number:Temperature Guest_HVAC_HeatSetpoint  "Heat Setpoint [%d °F]" {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:heatingSetpoint"}
Number:Temperature Guest_HVAC_CoolSetpoint  "Cool Setpoint [%d °F]" {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:coolingSetpoint"}
Number Guest_HVAC_Mode                      "Mode [%s]"             {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:systemMode"}
Number Guest_HVAC_Humidity                  "Humidity [%d %%]"      {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:humidity"}
Number Guest_HVAC_State                     "State [%s]"            {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:systemState"}
Number Guest_Away_Mode                      "Mode [%s]"             {channel="venstarthermostat:colorTouchThermostat:001122334455:awayMode"}

# thermostat.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Venstar Color Thermostat Demo"
   Frame {
    Setpoint item=Guest_HVAC_HeatSetpoint minValue=50 maxValue=99
    Setpoint item=Guest_HVAC_CoolSetpoint minValue=50 maxValue=99
    Switch item=Guest_HVAC_Mode mappings=[off=Off,heat=Heat,cool=Cool,auto=Auto]
    Switch item=Guest_Away_Mode mappings=[home=Home,away=Away]
    Text item=Guest_HVAC_State