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# Somfy myLink Binding

This binding supports the Somfy myLink (opens new window) device for control of Somfy RTS blinds/shades.

# Supported Things

Currently these things are supported:

  • bridge (Somfy MyLink bridge, which can discover roller shades and scenes)
  • roller shades (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a roller shade).

This binding has been tested with myLink firmware 5.23.

# Discovery

To use auto discovery first setup a Somfy MyLink bridge, then supply its IP address and system id. The system id can be found in the integration settings -> Control4 section of your My Link app. Once the Somfy MyLink bridge is ONLINE you can start a scan that will detect and add to your Inbox any discovered roller shades.

# Thing Configuration

Parameter Parameter ID Required/Optional Description
IP or Hostname ipAddress Required Hostname or IP Address of the myLink device
System Id systemId Required The system id configured on the myLink device

# shade

Parameter Parameter ID Required/Optional Description
Target ID targetId Required Address of shade in the Somfy system

# scene

Parameter Parameter ID Required/Optional Description
Scene ID sceneId Required Address of scene in the Somfy system

# Channels

The following channels are supported by the binding. Note that specific weather station models may support only some or all of these channels.

Channel ID Item Type Description
shadeControl Rollershutter Device control (UP, DOWN, STOP)
scenelist String Comma-separated list of scenes of form sceneId=sceneName
button Switch Button to trigger a scene or rule

# Example

# Things

Bridge somfymylink:mylink:mylink1 "myLink Bridge" @ "Office" [ ipAddress="", systemId="mysystemidhere" ] {
    Thing shade shade1 "Living Room" [ targetId="CC114A21.1" ]